I have been using landscape, the default Hexo theme, since the blog was migrated to Github+Hexo, until I encountered Polar Bear Simple, which impressed me with its clean home page view.

However, I also missed the useful archive column showing the number of posts per month with the change of the theme. In the process of bring it back, I spent some time on adding this feature back. The minor feature-adding soon went out of control while I was playing with the code so that the difference becomes significant enough to have its own repo/name. Hence, Polar Bear Remix. Many opinionated decisions were made implicitly, so I recommend you to tailor it to your own need instead of using it out of box, though you are welcome to do so.

The following two commands are what I used to get fast edit-refresh-check cycle:

hexo server # makes the blog accessible from localhost; essential for dev
hexo generate --watch # regenerate files on file change

In certain cases, e.g. when _config.yml was modified, I had to stop & restart hexo server to load the change. Not sure if that’s on purpose or a bug. From UX perspective, hexo server --watch is more sensible, IMO.