Generally, there are two categories of mechanical keyboards, tactile and linear feel. Since, the fingers could get tactile feedback immediately on pressing keys, it’s generally agreed that tactile keyboards are more suited for touch typing. Using the same argument, I would assume we could get the same conclusion for gaming as well. However, linear feel is the most common one among gaming enthusiasts.

I find it a bit hard to comprehend until I saw this thread: the tactile bump is hard to notice while gaming. Indeed, such subtle feedback is easily ignored while playing an exciting game. All the keys are bottomed out, so the tactile bump feedback is useless.

It’s heard that mechanical keyboards are a bit noisy compared with membrane ones (found on most modern keyboards). However, if the typist could take advantage of the tactile bump in tactile keyboards, he may get even quieter than membrane ones. (It’s what I saw in here; not sure how reliable it is without trying it myself.)

In summary, I would like to try one from kinesis, which seems one rather prestigious keyboard manufacturer, particular advantage, for its ergonomic design and mechanical component.