Start of Blogging

From today, my blog is final born. One of the reasons why it’s taking so much time is I could find one suitable blogging platform. I guess I could give one comparison on some of popular technologies, I have used or assessed.


It’s probably the most widely used platform, originating from blogging, and remains the number one choice for the majority. Since it’s very feature loaded, it becomes not so straightforward to just write one blog. (The author of [Ghost] shares the same idea with me.)


I was blown away by its kichstart video. (You should watch it if you haven’t.) In addition, they really have good looking themes. I would like to try it after its infancy.

Github Pages

Github page is advocated as one great alternate to Wordpress for blogging, and in fact, a lot of cool people are using it. Personally, I feel using git for blogging is like making a mountain out of a molehill, especially the history of one post is not of interest mostly. I believe it’s too tedious to create one commit even for some trivial typing change.


I have to admit that I was very happy when I found it, and predicted it would revolutionize the blogging community. In fact, one can still find some of my notes (mostly Chinese) [there], which are mainly for entertainment purpose. The reason I moved my blogging (mostly CS) from Postach is not Postach is inferior to other similar platforms. Instead, the real reason is related to Evernote. Evernote does not store your note as plain text file, but as HTML files. Giving up composing plain text files is not acceptable for me, so I only publish some materials I encountered on the Internet. with Dropbox is like Postach with Evernote, except that in Dropbox, you have full control of how notes are stored. This is solution I am using, and I am mostly happy with it.