The default texlive suit for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is around two years older than the latest release, and I encountered some problem with upquote, which seems to be caused by the outdated distribution. Therefore, this post documents the process of installing the latest release of texlive.

Clean up

Let’s start with removing all texlive packages installed using aptitude.

aptitude -s purge ~ntexlive

It’s a dry-run to show what packages it would remove. Drop -s to make it happen. I was ignorant of this “wildcard” feature of aptitude until I read


Let’s go to the texlive official download page, and get the installer for Unix.

aunpack install-tl-unx.tar.gz
cd install-tl*/
./install-tl -gui perltk

Choose minimal scheme so that we could manage our disk more economically. More could be read

Then, select the following in Furthe Customization:

  • Recommended fonts
  • US and UK English
  • LaTex fundamental packages
  • LaTex recommended packages
  • XeTex and packages

Personally, I would un-select the doc and source tree options as well. See more at

tex package

Since we chose the minimal scheme, we would encounter can’t-find-sty file error from time to time. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to install new packages:

sudo tlmgr gui

Sometimes, I can’t locate the package name by searching the missing file.sty, this then comes to hand to report the exact package name.